Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Never again

At 29-years of age, Abby Johnson, the director of an abortion clinic in Texas was a committed proponent of abortion. And she'd personally had two abortions. But one morning she was unexpectedly asked to assist with an ultrasound-guided abortion - a procedure which in her own words "would shake the foundation of my values and change the course of my life." 
What she saw was "the entire, perfect profile of a 13-week baby." In her book, Unplanned, she writes, "The detail startled me. I could clearly see the profile of the head, both arms, legs, and even tiny fingers and toes. Perfect. Then a new image entered the video screen. The next movement was the sudden jerk of a tiny foot as the baby started kicking, as if it were trying to move away from the "probing invader" ... the baby began struggling to turn and twist away ...  then it crumpled ... and then it was gone." In that instant Abby knew, "It wasn't just tissue, just cells. It was a human baby, and it was fighting for its life. What I have believed, taught and defended, is a lie!  And then this thought came from deep within me: Never again! Never again!" 
At that moment Abby had a spiritual conversion. She immediately left the abortion industry and became an advocate for LIFE. In the words of columnist, Saul Elbein, "This is essentially the narrative of every Christian convert, from St Paul to St Augustine. A life of sin, a moment of truth, and suddenly everything changes." And in what is being described as an expression of redemption, the abortion facility where Abby Johnson once worked is now a pro-life pregnancy centre. Tracy Frank, executive director of the centre says, "What was once a place of death and grief where an estimated 6,400 abortions were performed, has been transformed into a place of life."  

Julia Martin 
 Wife, grandmother, and daughter of God, Julia believes we are all precious in God's eyes, known and loved from the very moment of conception.

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  1. Thank you Julia, I pray that all who are considering abortion will read this!
    Dene Whibley.