Monday, 30 November 2015

"Everything changes"

Dr Anthony Levatino has practiced obstetrics and gynaecology since 1980. As part of his medical training, Dr Levatino was taught to do abortions, including late-term abortions. Levatino estimates he carried out up to 1200 abortions. While he was performing abortions, Anthony and his wife were experiencing difficulty conceiving a child. They decided to adopt and within a few months they adopted a baby girl they named Heather. About the same time they conceived a son, and their family was complete. In Anthony's words, "We were perfectly happy". 

Life was good until 23 June 1984. At 7.25pm they heard a screech of brakes. They ran outside and found Heather lying on the road. She'd been hit by a car! They did everything they could for her, but she died in their arms. Dr Levatino says, "When you lose a child, your child, life is very different. Everything changes. It's not an embryology course any more. It's your child you buried." He continues, "I couldn't think about abortion any more ... I started to realise - this is somebody's child. I lost my precious child, and now I'm taking somebody's child, and I'm tearing him right out of their womb ... I began to feel like a paid assassin. And so I quit." 

He says he knows God was working in his life long before he changed to the pro-life position. A Christian lady told him, "Jesus loves you, and this is not what He intended for you." She was always kind and respectful, and eventually the message got through. Dr Levatino became a defender of LIFE. He says to pray for those who work in the abortion industry. Patience in prayer is necessary because conversions take time. And reach out to them in genuine friendship. Tell them, "The Lord loves you." Intellect and reason can't change people, but God can. He's always searching for His sheep, and sooner or later His love prevails!

Julia Martin

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