Monday, 6 April 2015

Game over?

“I can't stand for this anymore, we're going at them as hard as we can.” So said Aussie Cricketer Brad Haddin, who couldn't stand the 'love' shown to him and his team, by Brendon McCullum's Black Caps. They chose to be 'verbally nasty' instead on the field of play. 

Well, the Cricket games are over and Easter is here, with the greatest celebration and revelation of 'Love' through Jesus Christ, that mankind will ever know in this age. Yet it was also men who said, "We cannot stand this anymore", who rejected love personified, and crucified the Son of God. Game over on Good Friday? No, Sunday's coming, and Love wins! 

We can never define love in human terms, because 'God is love', says the Apostle John, therefore it is only God who can define Himself. That is why when He came amongst us in Jesus Christ, no one recognized Him! This Easter, do a check again on God's definition of love. His love is an absolute. His love is a standalone love. His love never needs feeding. His love is not dependant on another. Just as a tree is a tree, a man is a man, and the sun is the sun, so love is love. Nothing that happens on earth will affect the sun. It stands alone and does not shine on condition. Unlovable simply does not exist for perfect love. 

Do you have the revelation? God loves you! But words are inadequate to describe love. God did not even try to describe love with words, because they were not good enough! So the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. To know love, we must know Jesus Christ. (Oh, just to clarify, He does love our sledging Aussie bro's too).

Stewart Patrick
Leader, Mangapapa Church, Gisborne

Published in the Gisborne Herald Saturday 4 April 2015

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