Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Respect – an old fashioned word

It seems a great shame that some of our ‘old’ words are not in common use any more and respect must be one that would make such a difference to our lives.  

It is not only the respect we could show to those close by in our community, and for our environment, it goes deeper to a respect for each person, for ourselves, and for life. It was wonderful to see the write up in the ‘Weekender’ edition in last week’s Gisborne Herald – a celebration of a short-lived,”I’m possible” life of young Hayden.  What wonderful courage shown by Hayden’s family in all they did to treat him, and themselves, with respect. 

As with all values, respect starts in the home. If it is not taught, how can it be known? If it is not shown, how can it be mirrored?   Those ‘old’ words have something in them ....’one thing leads to another’.

 Where does the ‘line’ get drawn or become blurred?  Do I keep my own property/house/living space clean and only throw rubbish around in public places?   Do I care for my possessions and willingly share them with those in need, or just take what I want when I see what others have? 

 Do I tenderly care for my family, my children, or do I mistreat them, do I not respect them as an individual, unique, gifted, worthy human being?  We have all seen the news items about children taken to Starship hospital, the latest young teen to lose his life, the elderly person found dead, alone in their home.  Each of these people deserved the respect and careful attention of others in their lives. Where were we?

Let’s revive some old words – respect, responsibility, reverence for life.

Phillipa Huberts, Voice for Life, Gisborne

Published in the Gisborne Herald Saturday 8 November

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