Wednesday, 4 June 2014


Driving a nail in, the hammer glanced off the nail and hit my finger with great force. My finger was half its normal diameter for a short while until it swelled, and it was very painful. I said Aaaaah! The good doctor dressed it and gave me antibiotics to avoid infection. Now, eight months later, the bone chips have grown back on, the new nail is grown and my finger is nearly normal again. It is so good to have my finger back. I am so thankful for all of the medical people, for their great knowledge, skills and care, and to the fantastic health system in this country. 
Healing is an incredible, in-built, property that we all have. Our body is healing from many injuries and sicknesses almost continuously, yet most of this we are completely unaware of unless we stop to think about it. Think about a cut on your finger, it bleeds. If we had no healing, that bleeding would go on forever, your finger would be permanently very sore and unusable, and you would have to dress it every day to stop the blood getting on everything. Next week you cut or bruise another finger. Now you have two fingers permanently unusable. Very soon your whole body would be painful, bleeding, diseased, broken, disfigured, itchy, smelly, etc. I would say Aaaaah again. A friend and I thought we might only live a week if our ability to heal ceased. 
So I am extremely thankful to God for making us so that that we heal. Jesus healed many people using power he had as the Son of God, and he will heal us, both physically and spiritually. 
Alan Radcliffe
For Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship

Alan and his wife Joan have been members of the Gisborne Christian community since 1974, attending the Te Hapara Anglican Church and Mangapapa Union Parish.  Alan joined Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship somewhere in the 1980’s, and over the years held positions on the Takitimu (Gisborne) Chapter committee including 5 years as Chapter president. The Chapter is in recess at the moment.   A busy surveyor, God is at the centre of Alan's work, as evident in his motto "In God we live and move and have our being."

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