Sunday, 13 April 2014

Be the change...

The French have a saying, ‘Tout comprendre, c’est tout pardonner.’ To understand all is to forgive all. If we truly knew what has gone on in the lives of people we meet everyday I’m sure that we would all be more gracious and forgiving to one another in this community. 

We all are aware of the social stats. on this region and how little seems to be improving and yet there is a huge amount of resources, money and services in place here to effect change, surely! I have at times said to myself “how can people not take these opportunity and improve their lives”? I am reminded of the importance of care over cure or as William Booth put it Soup, Soap and salvation. To suggest to someone who has had generations and layers of dysfunction, ‘here is everything you need be motivated and fix yourself' is unrealistic. The importance of showing love and care to those we meet everyday is advancing God’s kingdom here on earth. I wonder if the unseen gestures and acts of kindness by the many who ‘believe’ to those less fortunate would activate the changes we all hope for, how much more receptive to God’s great news of redemption would people be when they are shown grace, patience and kindness? I have heard the saying Hurt people hurt people, does that also mean that Loved people love people?

There are many opportunities to be involved in community groups outside of the church building and opportunities to extend the grace God has given to us! 
I have to use one of my wife’s favorite quotes (she’ll forgive me) from Gandhi.
“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Much love, Jason Akuhata-Brown

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